Hunter Cattle Clinic Maitland Show 2019



Maitland Showground, Blomfield St Maitland



As part of the Beef Cattle program at the Maitland Show a Cattle Clinic will again be conducted.  The Cattle Clinic is directed and opened to students attending School or College and other interested parties. 

The format of the Clinic is as follows:-


Protocols normally adopted by the ASC will apply.  Cattle and an Over Judge will be provided by the Association.  The animals to be judged are expected to comprise four bulls, four females and four steers with students being required to rank the animals in the same order as the Over Judge.  The Hommel Scale using differential points between animals is the basis of judging. 

Individual judging – each school can enter an unlimited number of students in the general judging section.  The judging will be broken into three categories:

  • Under 12 (Primary);
  • 12 to 15 years (High School); and
  • 16 years and older.

The students gaining the top scores in each section will be required to give an oral presentation.  That oral presentation is aggregated with the scores they have achieved for the animal judging to determine final placings.  Substantial weighting is given to the oral presentation. 

In addition to ribbons, prize money will be awarded for the individual classes:

  • 1st place                                                                        
  • 2nd place                                                                        
  • 3rd place                                                                        

Schools Team – each school is being requested to nominate three students to comprise its school team.  Please note the school team (one team only per school) must be on a separate registration sheet.  The results for these three students will be aggregated to form the basis of the school total.  The top-ranking schools will then be requested to provide a student to present an oral – that is, one of those three students are to be nominated to give an oral presentation on the cattle judging.  If an oral has already been presented by a member of the school team as part of the individual judging, then the marks in that oral will be carried forward to form the school team oral. 

            The champion school is that school which has the highest aggregate of the three team member’s scores and the oral.  The champion school is recognised by a Perpetual Shield (to be returned annually to the Association).



General Paraders – the Association conducts a Paraders Competition based upon age categories.  The top students in each section (not necessarily the first, second or third place getters) who meet the ASC Eligibility Criteria will then compete to determine opportunity to participate in the ASC Paraders at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney. 

The following classes will apply to the basic Paraders Competition:-

  • Primary (if sufficient students; 6 – 9 and 10 – 12 will be separated); 
  • 12-13 years;
  • 14 years; 
  • 15 years;
  • 16 years;  and
  • 17 years and older

            The prize money will apply for each class and will be awarded in addition to ribbons:

  • 1st place                                                                         
  • 2nd place                                                                        
  • 3rd place                                                                        

ASC Paraders – the top Paraders in each age group, subject to meeting the eligibility criteria to participate in the ASC competition, will be invited to take part in the ASC Paraders.  ASC selection criteria apply to determine the number of Paraders which the Zone will be able to send to Sydney to compete.  National Australia Bank will provide a kit containing backpack and additional items to each of the Paraders selected to represent the Zone in Sydney.  Persons competing in the ASC Paraders will need to certify that they have not previously competed in a Zone competition elsewhere in the State.  (Ages 13years and under 19 years)

Grand Champion Parader – a Grand Champion Parader will be determined and that Grand Champion Parader must be:-

(a)          Person eligible for ASC selection; 

(b)          That person adjudicated as the top Parader from the ASC Paraders; 

(c)           The top Parader will receive a gift from Sponsor

(d)          The Clubs NSW and the ASC have given 2 x $50.00 prizes as an encouragement award for 2 students who qualify for the Finals in Sydney.

We recognise that this will exclude persons, who are not 13 years of age on 1 May, 2019 – this is a limitation which we have chosen to live with. 



This section is open to all exhibitors, Schools and students to enter led steers and /or Heifers in a competition to be judged on the hoof only. The entry can be of any weight and breed.  The classes will be determined based upon the number of entries which will be weighed and split into two or three classes containing in so far as is practical, equivalent type animals.  This class gives the opportunity for exhibitors who are preparing cattle for The Sydney Royal Show or Wingham Beef Week or any other show to showcase their animals and gain valuable show ring experience.

Prizes will be allocated according to sponsorship.

The Champion Led Steer / Heifer will be judged and receive an additional prize being:-

  • GRAND CHAMPION  Led Steer/Heifer        
  • Reserve Champion   


As per ASC and state regulatory recommendations, every entry MUST display the relevant PIC and NLIS number. Please observe the following checklist of forms required to be completed prior to submitting your entry:

1.  National Cattle Health Statement to accompany entry form
2.  National Vendor Declaration or Transported Stock Statement to be shown to stewards on arrival
3.  Copy of BPVD (non-PI) certification to be shown to stewards on arrival
4.  Waiver Form/s to be included with entry form
5.  Photography form to be included with entry form

Remember your checklist


2019 Maitland Show Cattle Clinic Bulletin

Individual Entry Form

Team Judging Entry Form

Led Steer/Heifer Entry Form

ASC Waiver Form - Individual

ASC Waiver Form - Bulk

Photography & Media Waiver Form

National Cattle Health Declaration

NVD Sample for Show Cattle