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A Ball Memorial Cattle Clinic - Number 15

The Cattle Clinic is part of the Beef Cattle program at the Maitland Show. It is directed at Schools, Colleges and other interested parties. 

The Hunter Cattle Clinic is an industry supported event. The event is only possible due to the industry support and support of prominent local persons which has been provided to it. Tocal College has been and continues to be a major supporter of the Clinic through both facilities and personnel.

In 2017, the key sponsors and supporters are:

  • Edward Throsby, Singleton Abattoirs (E.C. Throsby Pty Limited): Sponsor - Paraders and Major Sponsor
  • Hicks Hay and Grain, Woodville (Ross and Lexie Hicks): Sponsorship – Steer section
  • Peter Randall, National Australia Bank Business Banking, Maitland Business Centre
  • The Ball Family (Greg and Leonie Ball)
  • Tocal College – Beef Cattle Section (particularly Bruce West)

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Parader Results 2017

Junior Judging Results 2017

Cattle Clinic Primary Results 2017

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